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Clarence C - Frank cleaned a small area on my SUV with Poof B Gone. The next day it rained and only the spot that he cleaned was not affected by acid rain. I've purchased the POOF B GONE and sent notification to corporate to market the product. The proof is in the POOF!  Manager-Auto Zone

Poof 5.jpg

Robert B - This is my very first bottle of POOF that I bought 11 years ago and it never lost it's potency! Prove it to yourself the proof is in the POOF!

Poof 3.jpg

Patty R -  After using the Poof B' Gone, I found it to be one of the most amazing products I've ever seen! See for yourself at Fisher Auto Parts 

2774 Old Washington Road  or call (301)645-5851 for directions. 

Melody L. - This product is phenomenal I've never used one product that does everything. This is unbelievable! I have my own cleaning service and I use the Poof B' Gone

Moe - I used the Poof B' Gone to remove mold from the inside of a customer's car and they were very pleased with the results! Stop by Mo Betta Shine at 11850 Park Waldorf Lane in Waldorf to get yours today. 

Phillip M - I used it to clean stains out of my cloth seats, worked like a charm. Then I used it to wipe down the body of my car, and it did that too! So I tried it to clean my rims, and they came clean!!! So now I use it for everything- bird poop, bug splatter, it cleans it all!!

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